10 3D Touch Tips And Tricks iPhone 6s Users Must Know

#1. Quick Actions :


Quick actions provide an action menu that is available when you press down on a home screen icon. Not all apps support quick actions so you have to keep experimenting with this feature to see which apps support it. For stock iOS apps, you can force press on Music, Clock, Camera, Photos, Notes and others to open the quick action menu.

#2.Adjust 3D Touch sensitivity :


Mastering the perfect amount of pressure to apply for a Peek instead of a Pop can take some getting used to. It’s a little bit easier to use 3D Touch if you change its sensitivity from Medium pressure to Light. You can also change it to Firm if you have a habit of pressing too hard. Just go to Settings >> General>> Accessibility >> 3D Touch.

#3. 3D Touch to turn keyboard into trackpad :

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Selecting a segment of text on an iPhone screen can be a pain, but 3D Touch makes it much easier. Just firm-press on the keyboard to turn it into a trackpad. You can then slide left and right to move the cursor. Hard-press to start highlighting text, then copy, cut or paste it as need be.

#4. Peek at websites without visit:


The best thing about 3D Touch is its ability to let you peek at other apps without leaving the one you’re in. For instance, if a friend sends you a web link, you can firm-press on it to bring up a card preview of the page, and then choose Open link, add to Reading List or Copy.

#5. Manage email without opening messages :


3D Touch shines brightest in Apple’s Mail app, which will help you reach inbox zero with ease. Users can peek into emails with a firm press, bringing up options to reply, forward, mark as spam, set a notification or move the message.

#6. Navigate home quickly :


You can get driving directions back home in a snap by pressing on the Apple Maps icon on your home screen. When the quick actions menu opens, you can tap on “Directions Home” to start navigating back to your home address.

#7. Create your own animated wallpaper :


Apple included nine new live wallpapers with the iPhone 6s, but if colorful betta fish aren’t your thing,

you can create your own live wallpaper. Just take any Live Photo from your camera, tap the share button, then choose Set as wallpaper. To watch your live wallpaper move from the lock screen, just firm-press on the display.

#8. Pull up App Switcher with 3D Touch :


Double-pressing the home button is so 2014. With 3D Touch, you can hard-press on the left side of the home screen to bring up the app switcher window with all your active app cards.

#9. Adjust video settings for higher/lower FPS :


4K video is going to hog up way more storage space than Live Photos will. You can toggle between 1080p at 30 FPS, 720p at 30 FPS, 1080p at 60 FPS and 4K at 30 FPS by going to Settings >> Photos and Camera >> Record Video.

#10. Peek & Pop :

peek-and-popHard-press and you’ll bring up a card showing the track lists, as well as the option to play, shuffle or add it to your music. Press even harder and you’ll go straight to the playlist page.

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