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All You Should Know About The First iPhone Smartphone.

The iPhone series smartphone is one of the dominating smartphones in the telecommunications industry. Thanks to the Apple Corporation that indulges a lot of creativity in the production of its technological gadgets. At the moment, the iPhone smartphones are being ranked as the best smartphone in the world. The first smartphone to be released to the market was on 7th of June 2007. The iPhone 1st generation smartphone was known as the iPhone 1 and it was launched by Steve Jobs. Here is all that you should know about the iPhone 1 smartphone.

The 1st Generation smartphone came in three variants. These are the iPhone 1, iPhone 1G and iPhone 2G. The phone was equipped with amazing features that really elevated the technological industry of the smartphones. It was among the first phones to feature with a quad-band GSM connectivity that had GPRS and EDGE support. Anyone who owned the phone during that time could also access the WI-FI. This is because of the WI-FI 802.11 b/g connectivity feature. The phone also came with a USB connectivity of USB 2.0. The above connectivity had just started and at the moment, the iPhone connectivity system is actually incomparable.

The iPhone 1st generation was running on iPhone OS 1 that had many features that made the phone an interesting gadget to own. The features that it supported include Youtube, touch gestures, HTML email, threaded text messaging, Safari web browser etc. this really marketed the phone though it received a high competition from tech giants Motorola whose performance was superb. The Operating OS faced many challenges including becoming vulnerable to hackers to access the phone. This actually ruined the reputation of the iPhone phones in the telecommunication industry. The 3 iPhone variants came with 3 OS variants these are the iPhone OS 1, 2 and 3.

Jobs called the iPhone "a revolutionary and magical product" and proclaimed that is was "literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone".

Jobs called the iPhone “a revolutionary and magical product” and proclaimed that is was “literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone”.

The phone had a 3.5 inch Screen display that rendered an ambient touch during those days. This display had a 320 x 480-pixel resolutions with an aspect ratio of 2:3. It was equipped with a memory capacity of 128 MB RAM and 4 GB internal storage capacity.

The Apple Company had borrowed a lot of technology from the Samsung Company this is because the iPhone 1st Gen phone was powered by the Samsung 32-bit RISC ARM processor. During those days, this was considered as one of the powerful processors. This feature made this phone be considered as the best phone during its era.

This was also among the first phones with a camera system. The phone was equipped with a 2.0 MP rear camera that was not GPS based. The 2.0 MP camera system was currently the best camera technology during that time. The phone also had a single loudspeaker and a headphone jack of type TRRS.
Despite the fact that the Motorola Company was rendering an evitable competition to the telecommunication market the performance of this company was also superb with this phone. The iPhone series has really evolved and this has been attributed to the tremendous technological levels in the world.

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