Apple iOS 9.3.3 Update : Reason To Install And Not To Install

The latest version of the Apple iPhone operating system, iOS 9.3.3, as well as OS X 10.11.16 for computers, tvOS 9.2.2 for Apple TV and watchOS 2.2.2 for Apple Watches patches a vulnerability that could let someone hack your phone with a corrupted image file, 9to5 Mac reported. In other words, if you don’t update your equipment, a basic text message could put your passwords, photos and other data in danger.

The issue was recently uncovered by Cisco Talos, a threat intelligence organization. It found that a vulnerability in Apple’s Image I/O API system allows the way that a certain TIFF file, a kind of image, is rendered to be hijacked. That means any app on your phone that uses the Image I/O API system could be at risk — Messages, Mail, Safari, et cetera, the Guardian reported.

iOS 9.3.3 delivers bug fixes for iOS 9 so if you’ve been unable to fix a problem, it might be wise to give iOS 9.3.3 a try today.We’re also hearing that the iOS 9.3.3 update’s performance on older iPhone models is solid. We recently downloaded it on the iPhone 5 and it’s running much better than iOS 9.3.2 was, at least from a performance standpoint. There’s less lag.

If you haven’t downloaded iOS 9.3.2 yet, you’ll get its fixes baked in with iOS 9.3.3. Here’s the full set of fixes that arrived with iOS 9.3.2 earlier this year:

– Fixes an issue where some Bluetooth accessories could experience audio quality issues when paired to the iPhone SE

– Fixes an issue where looking up dictionary definitions could fail

– Addresses an issue that prevented typing email addresses when using the Japanese Kana keyboard in Mail and Messages

– Fixes an issue for VoiceOver users using the Alex voice, where the device switches to a different voice to announce punctuation or spaces

Here is the full list of fixes on board iOS 9.3/iOS 9.3.1. Again, iOS 9.3.2 will bring these to you if you failed to download either update:

how-to-install-iOS-9.3.3Hardware keyboard improvements and fixes :

  • Enables the use of arrow keys to navigate through lists in Spotlight, Mail and Safari
  • Enables the use of space bar to scroll in Mail
  • Improves performance when using the space bar to scroll in Safari
  • Adds the ability to bring up the software keyboard from the Shortcut Bar when a hardware keyboard is connected
  • Fixes an issue that could prevent unlocking an iPad using the hardware keyboard
  • Fixes an issue that caused hardware keyboards to become unresponsive in captive login pages
  • Fixes an issue that could cause the Messages input field to disappear behind the Shortcut Bar when connected to a hardware keyboard

Other improvements :

  • Maps adds support for getting a highlighted view of destinations and stops for a specific transit line by tapping on it
  • Maps now displays whether there are multiple transit line options for each route suggestion
  • Wallet app adds the ability to view the app related to a card or pass in the Wallet app by tapping an icon on the card or pass
  • Apple Pay adds support for signing up for store rewards programs with Apple Pay at point of sale terminal
  • Podcasts adds support for fullscreen video playback
  • Activity app adds a new Workout tab with monthly summaries of key metrics and the ability to filter by workout type
  • Move to iOS now offers app suggestions from the App Store based on apps installed on your Android device
  • iCloud Storage adds proactive status information and in-app notifications to let you know before you run out of space
  • Two-factor authentication is now available for all iCloud accounts
  • Support for Spanish (Latin America) system language
  • Siri support for Finnish (Finland), Hebrew (Israel), and Malay (Malaysia)

Enterprise bug fixes :

  • Resolves an issue that could prevent some VPP purchased apps from launching after being updated
  • Adds iCloud backup support for device-assigned VPP apps
  • Addresses an issue that could prevent certificates from installing correctly when updating configuration profiles
  • Fixes an issue for some IPSec VPN configurations that could cause the internet connection to be interrupted after a VPN session was ended
  • Fixes an issue to prevent iBooks from emailing enterprise managed PDFs from unmanaged accounts
  • Resolves an issue for some Exchange users that caused Calendar to send multiple responses to the same invitation
  • Improves reliability for devices connecting to OS X Caching Server

Accessibility bug fixes :

  • Improves 3D Touch reliability with Switch Control Accessibility option
  • Fixes an issue where VoiceOver interferes with speech after dictation
  • Fixes an issue where VoiceOver users could not write a review on the App Store
  • Resolves an issue where VoiceOver becomes unresponsive when receiving a phone call with a Bluetooth headset
  • Fixes an issue where large text was unreadable in Reminders

Other bug fixes, performance and stability improvements :

  • Fixes an issue where manually changing the date to May 1970 or earlier could prevent your iOS device from turning on after a restart
  • Fixes issues that could prevent some iCloud Backups from completing
  • Fixes an issue for some users where Health data was incomplete after restoring from iCloud Backup
  • Fixes an issue where an inaccurate battery percentage could be displayed
  • Addresses an issue that prevented iMessage or FaceTime activation for some users
  • Addresses an issue that could prevent displaying the Phone interface while receiving a call
  • Fixes an issue that enabled overriding restrictions applied to cellular data toggle
  • Fixes an issue that caused notification settings to appear in the Watch app for apps that were not installed on Apple Watch
  • Improves reliability when using 3D Touch on the keyboard
  • Improves stability of the Phone app when setting up voicemail
  • Improves stability of the Mail app when your device is low on storage
  • Improves stability in Mail while using Mail Drop to send large attachments
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