Apple Released iOS 10 Beta 7 For Developers And Public Testers

Credit : Youtube

Final : Apple released the last version of the iOS 10 beta on Monday, but the company sure isn’t slowing down. Forget the normal cycle of betas being released every couple weeks on a Tuesday, because this Friday afternoon there’s a brand new beta to go download.

Beta 7 is available for anyone with a developer account, and whose devices are already registered in the beta program. If you’re already running iOS 10 beta, the new update will be available in Settings–>Software Update as an over-the-air update. It’s a relatively tiny 60MB download, which means this is probably a small security or bug-fix patch, rather than a version with new features or major fixes.

If you aren’t already running iOS 10 beta 6 or lower, you’ll need to go to the Apple Developer site and download the full software package. Then, iTunes can be used to install the beta software on your device.

For anyone who’s not a developer, Apple still has a little love for you today. The iOS 10 beta 6 that was out for developers on Monday is now available for anyone on the public beta test. Just like developers, it’s an over-the-air software update that should already be available. We’ve started seeing it on devices in North America already.

slack_for_ios_uploadIf Apple follows the same pattern as in previous years, we’re still a few weeks away from the final release. If you can’t wait and want to see what it looks like, I wrote a preview if you don’t have a non-essential iPhone or iPad lying around.