Apple Sets Records With The iPhone X

Apple doesn’t need to sell a higher number of iPhones at lower prices in order to continue smashing revenue records and stomp out all the competition.

“For us, it’s not the numbers. It’s customers satisfaction,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said on the company’s Q1 2018 earnings call. “Customer satisfaction is off the charts for iPhone X.”

If there’s anything that can be said of Apple, it’s that it knows how to make money—even if things don’t appear to be going well. Apple this week posted a record quarterly profit of $20 billion, thanks in no small part to iPhone revenue jumping 13%. However, Apple’s iPhone unit sales fell year-over-year due to what some analysts have said was sluggish demand for the iPhone X.

Profit aside, that hasn’t stopped people from finding things to complain about. This week, there were reports about why the iPhone X was a mistake for Apple and others about internal Apple meetings about delaying work on new iOS features to improve its mobile operating system’s security and stability. Even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak couldn’t resistant taking a jab at the company.

There were good reasons why Apple released the 8 and 8 Plus — to hit a lower price, stave off potential OLED shortages for the iPhone X, and prevent a bigger drop in sales from users waiting until November for the iPhone X. But had Apple only offered the iPhone X, it’s highly likely that a good chunk of an estimated 350 million existing iPhone users who are “in the window of opportunity to upgrade,” according to GBH Insights, would have felt more compelled to because it’s so clearly the only iPhone that matters.

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