Apple will launch Face ID on all three new iPhones to launch this year

Apple will launch Face ID on all three new iPhones to launch this year. According to the source on July 7, Apple decided to introduce a face ID to three models of the iPhone ( two OLEDs , one LCD) launched this year and selected a module supplier.

Apple is trying to expand the Face ID. Apple announced that it will invest $390 million (about 423 billion won) in Finnish surface emitting laser (VCSEL) maker Finis last December. Bigcell is a key part of the iPhone X Face ID module. However, it is the first time that the maker of the face ID module has been embodied. Apple’s supply chain (SCM) is in full swing for the release of a new model in the fall.

LG Innotek and Sharp took over manufacturing the existing iPhone X Face ID module. But this year’s new iPhone will change. LG Innotek has taken over the production of follow-up models following iPhone X, and a new Chinese company has entered the market. Two Chinese companies were identified. Company A, which is emerging in the smartphone parts market, and company B, which is famous for semiconductor packaging.

LG Innotek is expected to play a major role as a major vendor. The remaining quantity is extinguished by the company A and the company B. LG Innotek announced in January that it will invest $807 million (877 billion won) in ‘camera module for mobile and new technology module business’. LG Innotek did not reveal details about which company camera module or new technology module.

In the industry, LG Innotek is likely to expand its supply of Apple while the investment is attributed to the Apple Face ID module. LG Innotek said, “I can not confirm the contents of the customer.”

Apple is so influential that it shakes the global electronics market. Recently, the sales of the iPhone X have been sluggish, but the total sales of the iPhone are over 200 million a year. There is a lot of parts purchase and market trend is also leading.

According to the report from ETNews, Apple is expected to enhance face detection from the 2019 model. To this end, the number of components is increased, and integration with camera modules is also under consideration.

What is Face ID?

Face ID is a security technology that immediately recognizes the user’s face and turns off the smartphone lock. It was first noticed on the iPhone X launched last year and it attracted attention because of convenience. As Apple extends its Facebook ID coverage, it is anticipated that related parts and equipment makers will become special.

The 3D face recognition technology that Apple introduced in Face ID is spreading to other smartphone companies. Big-cell, infrared (IR) cameras, and other parts market are fluctuating in line with this. German semiconductor company Infineon launched its ToF-based 3D image sensor last month.

The impact on the performance of each company is not so significant, and the profitability among the companies is also noted. LG Innotek recorded robust results in the Q4 of last year due to the addition of the Apple Dual Camera Module and Face ID module.

LG Innotek’s earnings are attention focused on the company’s earnings changes this year and whether new Chinese companies will enter the market. It is unprecedented that Apple leaves core parts manufacturing to China other than Japan or Korea.

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