Apple’s Decision To Remove iPhone 7’s Headphone Jack


After releasing the details on Apple Event 2016 stats that without a headphone jack, some Apple fans are bound to be disappointed.

The 3.5mm socket has been used as the default audio connector on the vast majority of electronic devices – from computers to game consoles – since the 1960s.

Now Apple supposedly wants to shake things up by forcing customers to either use headphones that plug into the Lightning port, which is currently used for charging, or wireless headphones, which connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth.

Given that millions of iPhone owners around the world currently use wired headphones, it’s a potentially risky move, but one that Apple evidently has confidence in.



Some rumours suggest that Apple is planning to bundle the iPhone 7 with new wired EarPods that use a Lightning connector, while others claim the phone will launch with wireless headphones, or “AirPods” .

There has also been some suggestion that the new iPhone will come with a Lightning-to-audio adaptor, so you will still be able to use your regular wired headphones – though these things are easy to lose.

While the move may seem like a travesty to anyone who has forked out for expensive headphones in the past, there may be method to Apple’s madness.

Recent tests by MacRumours found that headphones connected via the Lightning port provided better sound quality than those via the standard headphone jack.

iPhone 7 space black rendering
iPhone 7 space black rendering


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