The Evolution Of The iOS OS In The iPhone Series Phone.

The iOS OS was introduced by Steve Jobs, who was the founder of the Apple Company. Till date the apple company has recorded a tremendous performance in the telecommunication industry. This is attributed to the high technological levels that the phones are being designed with. Looking into the history of the iPhone the history development of the iOS is one of the segments that we can’t leave it out. All the iPhone phones in the iPhone series run on the Ios and its one of the best OS because of its unusual features. It’s not only the iPhone smartphones but all of the products from the Apple Company. Here is the Evolution of the iOS OS from the Apple company.

iOS 1


This was the first of all the Ios that has changed the smartphone technology. It’s an OS that came with the multitouch feature for the iPhone 1 smartphone. The theme that the OS came with was also fantastic making the display and the way users interact with their phone become super amazing.

iOS 2.


This is an OS that came with the iPhone 3G which was the second release in the iPhone series. The Ios 2 is the one that introduced the great feature i.e. The App Store. This was an app that allowed you to gain more access to more apps for the iPhone phone. The app store has played a significant role in the history of iPhones by creating a splendid job opportunity of over 4.5 million.

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iOS 3


iOS 3 was more advanced than Ios 2 since it’s at this stage that more software was being incorporated in the iOS OS Systems. This OS supported the MMS, Tethering, spotlight and purchases of apps from the app store features. The iOS 3 came with a new home screen apps such as the Voice Memos and the Compass app.

iOS 4


This was one of the OS that actually improved the technological performance of the iPhone phones when it was released in 2010. This fact is attributed to the fact that this OS came with new and exciting features.

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iOS 5.


This was one of the great updates of the iPhone OS that came up with amazing features. This OS was designed using the latest technology, and it changed the way people interacted with their phones. Tremendous apps such as the iMessage app that allows you to use data in sending texts was introduced in this OS update. This OS update enabled people to wireless sync capabilities, Twitter integration, SIRI

iOS 6.


This an OS updated that saw the introduction of the apps like a new App Store look and inbuilt features, podcasts, panoramic photos and the Apple Maps. This app came with the iPhone 6 smartphone, and there were tremendous changes in the app such as a new home screen.

iOS 7.


This was one of the updates that placed the Apple Company on top of the telecommunication industry. At the moment, the iPhone series is ranked as the top best smartphones, and this is attributed to this update. This update came with a lot of features and apps such as iTunes Radio, AirDrop, photo burst mode, etc.

iOS 8.


The Ios 8 OS update came with iCloud Drive and the HealthKit apps. It had an intriguing design that made it one of the top OS on the iPhone series.

iOS 9.


This is one of the latest OS from the Apple company. A lot of focus was shifted in improving the performance of this app. Apps such as the Apple Pay underwent some changes so as to improve its functionality. A new music app was also introduced in this OS update.

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