iPhone 7 live stream: time, how to watch 2016 Apple event online

iPhone 7 live stream

Are you interested in the new iPhone 7 or a new version of the Apple Watch? If so, you might want to tune in to Apple CEO Tim Cook’s presentation Wednesday in San Francisco. We don’t know for sure what Cook will unveil at the event, but new versions of the iPhone and Apple Watch are widely expected to take top billing.
Apple is offering a live stream of the event here. The event will start at 10 am Pacific time — that’s 1 pm for those of us on the East Coast.

What to expect :

For most people, the biggest news about the iPhone 7 is what it might not have: a headphone jack. Instead, rumor sites say, people will have two options if they want to listen to music or podcasts. They can plug their headphones into the iPhone’s last remaining port: the Lightning connector that’s also used for charging and data transfer. Or they can listen using wireless Bluetooth headphones.

This, of course, may cause a lot of consternation among customers. But Apple apparently believes that customers will benefit in the long run, as the change helps Apple make the iPhone even slimmer, simpler, and more water-resistant.

On the outside, the iPhone 7 is expected to look a lot like the iPhone 6, albeit with a clickless, pressure-sensitive home button. Inside, it’ll see the usual array of chip upgrades. It may also add a second camera to the back, allowing the iPhone to take even sharper pictures.

The Apple Watch is also expected to get some upgrades. The new watch might have a built-in GPS chip, which will allow more sophisticated location-based apps. Apple is also expected to boost the watch’s inadequate computing power, which will mean the whole user experience will get snappier.

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