iPhone 8 : Release Date, Spec, Features And Concept

Apple iPhone 8 :

Apple has always been a scale in creating the smartest phones and protecting them with lots of features, quality material and lot of amazing features that refers to an unique product. We Makers Of iphone presenting the details about the new Apple’s iPhone Series phone called “iPhone 8” Here Are Release Date,Price, Features, Expected Specs and Concept Design of this stunning apple’s Smartphone.

Apple “iPhone” stands for “Interactive Phone”. Apple has managed to keep the name and impressed the customers with awesome services while the price paid for the services is a bit high. But, in the other side, The iPhone 8 Specifications and iphone 8 features will be amazing as they have always been in “The Apple iPhone Series” of the Apple Series ends up making and compensating for all the Price.


New components of this smartphone, say iphone will be all about amazingly intriguing stuffs to get up to speed, features and everything a smartphone needs to carry. Presently the first thing to pop in your brain will be, Isn’t it too soon to discuss it?

Respected Audience,We all know Apple has frequently touched the elevations of enactment with some amazing elements which make the Apple iphone Series all that much winning and among the Dream series of Us, providing us with some serious goals to achieve.

The Apple iPhone Series :

Let’s Talk about the previous iPhone series and there features,As per market growth ,iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were both very impressive pieces.Apple got everyone in utter shock by bringing out the big pieces to hand. Now that, the iPhone 6 vibe has finally came to normal, People are looking for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, thinking that What would be the optimum one to go for!


What will be Apple New iPhone Name ??

Apple plans to introduce to the iPhone in 2017, it seems unlikely the device will receive an “S” name, so there’s a good chance Apple may decide to skip directly to the next full number, naming the 2017 iPhone the iPhone 8.

2007 – iPhone
2008 – iPhone 3G
2009 – iPhone 3GS
2010 – iPhone 4 (new design)
2011 – iPhone 4s
2012 – iPhone 5 (new design)
2013 – iPhone 5s
2014 – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (new design)
2015 – iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
2016 – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (Quater-4, 2016 )
2017 – iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (Quarter-4, 2017)

iPhone 8 is a tentative name for the device — it has not yet been confirmed by Apple — but it seems to be the most logical choice for a major update. There’s always the possibility Apple will call it something else or make 2017 the year it moves away from a numbered iPhone naming scheme.

As the Wikipedia says :

“iPhone is a series of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It runs Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. The first generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007; the most recent iPhone models are the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which were unveiled at a special event on September 9, 2014.

The user interface is built around the device’s multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPhone has Wi-Fi and can connect to many cellular networks, including 1xRTT (represented by a 1x on the status bar) and GPRS (shown as GPRS on the status bar), EDGE (shown as a capital E on the status bar), UMTS and EV-DO (shown as 3G), a faster version of UMTS and 4G (shown as a 4G symbol on the status bar), and LTE (shown as LTE on the status bar). An iPhone can shoot video (though this was not a standard feature until the iPhone 3GS), take photos, play music, send and receive email, browse the web, send texts, GPS navigation, record notes 6, do mathematical calculations, and receive visual voicemail.

Other functions—video games, reference works, social networking, etc.—can be enabled by downloading application programs (‘apps’); as of October 2013, the App Store offered more than one million apps by Apple and third parties like Samsung and is ranked as the world’s second largest mobile software distribution network of its kind (by number of currently available applications).There are eight generations of iPhone models, each accompanied by one of the eight major releases of iOS.”

iPhone 8 Features :

iPhone 8 Display:

The iPhone 8 is expected to include a flexible OLED display and Apple has already signed a deal with at least one manufacturer – Samsung – to produce OLED displays for devices set to debut in 2017.
Apple may also be investing in AMOLED supplier AU Optronics and it has a secret lab in Taiwan where it is exploring advanced display options like OLED and Micro-LED. Apple’s suppliers are also gearing up to produce OLED displays, investing in new equipment and technology.



An OLED display eliminates the need for the backlighting that’s used in traditional LCDs, which would allow Apple to cut down on the thickness and weight of the display used in the device. OLED displays can also be flexible, perhaps allowing Apple to create a device with a curved or wraparound display.
OLED displays also offer better contrast ratio, truer colors, improved viewing angles, better power efficiency to maximize battery life, and a faster response time than an LCD for faster refresh rates. On the downside, OLED displays don’t have the lifespan of an LCD display and they’re more prone to water damage, two issues Apple will need to overcome. Apple already uses OLED displays in the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch has an AMOLED display :

There are two separate rumors on the size of the panels Apple will be using. One suggests Samsung is supplying Apple with 5.5-inch OLED panels, while another says Apple is seeking a 5.8-inch OLED display to be used in one of the iPhone 8 models. We’ll need to wait for additional information on the size of the display to glean concrete details about how the panel will be used in the iPhone, but we’ve heard several possibilities.

First of all, and perhaps most interesting, Apple blogger John Gruber says he’s heard some “scuttlebutt” suggesting Apple has plans to implement an edge-to-edge display. That means the phone would have no top, bottom, or side bezels, with the display taking up the entire front of the device.

applewatch makersofiphone

Sensors like Touch ID and the front-facing camera would somehow be embedded in the display, invisible to the naked eye, meaning there’s not going to be a home button. Apple has actually been working on developing touch and display driver (TTDI) chips since 2015, so it’s definitely possible that the iPhone 8 will have no home button.In this scenario, it’s not clear if Apple will shrink down the iPhone to the size of the display or expand the display to match the existing iPhone sizes.

If Apple does not completely eliminate the bezels in the iPhone 8, there’s a chance that a 5.8-inch displayhints at plans for a wraparound screen. Display expert Ray Soneira has speculated a wraparound screen is a possibility, as seen in the mockup below, and Apple has patented similar concepts.

iPhone 8 Memory :

Apple iPhone 8 is relied upon to come in distinctive variations according to the past dispatches and it will be 64 GB Variant, 128 GB Variant however the glitz will be 256 GB Variant.

iPhone 8 RAM :

On the off chance that we discuss the RAM of the gadget “Apple iPhone 8” it would be 8 GB and the gadget would be capable enough to stay in control of that powerful 8 GB RAM.

iPhone 8 Battery :

According to the bits of gossip on the web, iPhone 7 will be controlled with Li-On battery of 2500 mAh in this way, Apple iPhone 8 That would be driving the gadget for around 18 Hrs of bing on the usage mode on 3G. So “iPhone 8” will be giving the same of 18 Hrs of utilization on 4G. We are trusting that apple will build the battery control that is highly required on this gadget. That is for like beyond any doubt.

iPhone 8 Camera :

The primary and secondary camera of Apple iPhone 8, making it go according to the trends and estimates; according to the bits of gossip is required to be of 12 MP in iPhone 7 with a 4 MP front confronting camera. So iPhone 8 as per the appraisals and patterns is required to have 14 MP primary camera with 4 MP front.

Processor :

TSMC has begun to tape out the design for the A11 chip built on a 10-nanometer process, completing the first stages of the design that is likely destined for the 2017 iPhone. Certification for the 10-nanometer process is expected to be achieved in late 2016, with the first 10-nanometer chips sent to Apple for validation during the first quarter of 2017.An A11 chip, like all of Apple’s chip upgrades, will be both faster and more energy efficient, in addition to being smaller.

Wireless Charging :

Apple is working on long-range wireless charing technology that rumors suggest could be implemented in iPhones as soon as 2017, making it an ideal addition to the iPhone 8. Long-range wireless charging is superior to many existing wireless charging methods because it does not require devices to be as close to a charging source or mat.

@ Google Images

@ Google Images

There are some obstacles to overcome before such technology can be implemented, such as the loss of power transfer efficiency that occurs when the distance between the transmitter and the receiver is increased. This causes batteries further away from a charging source to charge more slowly.Apple has been hiring engineers with expertise in wireless charging in recent months, suggesting a wireless charging feature could indeed be in the works. With Apple planning to eliminate the headphone jack in the 2016 iPhone 7, leaving the Lightning port to serve multiple functions, wireless charging is a logical next step for the 2017 iPhone.

In Short :
1. 6 inch Super OLED Display
2. Primary Camera : 14 MP
3. Secondary (Front) Camera : 4 MP
4. Internal Memory: 16/32/64/128/256 GB
5. RAM: 4 GB
6. Battery: 2800 mAh Battery; 18 Hours of usage on 4G

Release Date :

For the last several years, Apple has released its iPhone updates in September, so we expect to see the iPhone 8 in September of 2017.

Apple iPhone 8 Price :

iPhone 7 is expected in the price range of around 1099 $ to 1499 $. So the Price of iPhone 8 would be little higher and the price of the device. Apple iphone 8 price would be around 1199 $ to 1599$.The price is pretty high and hard to afford. So we can’t say something officially about the price now. We will have to wait for the company to say!


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