New Videos Provide High Quality Look At iPhone 7 Dummy Units


From 9to5mac :Are you ready for another look at the iPhone 7 dummy units that seem to be proliferating around the web? A couple of popular YouTubers have provided high quality hands-on looks at the units, comparing them to the current-generation iPhone 6s.

First of all, Jonathan Morison of TLD unboxes an iPhone 7 dummy unit clone shipped directly from China. The clone, as we’ve seen in previous hands-on photos and videos, looks a whole lot like the current-generation iPhone 6s.

In fact, Morrison compares the iPhone 6s side-by-side with the iPhone 7 dummy unit, and as you’ll see in the video, they look strikingly similar despite some key differences.

Obviously, the biggest and most controversial difference is the omission of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Instead, you’ll find an additional grill for what will presumably be a second speaker.

Other changes include a much larger camera housing. Current speculation suggests that the larger surface area will allow for a bigger sensor with larger pixels, and thus, better low light photography.




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